LIBRE COMME L’AIR is born under the sign of fantasy.


One can escape from the ordinary, take a ship to a fantasy world, where all can have fun with fashion. ! Everyone has their own style, but above all do not abide by one style! Life would be too limited.  A pair of shoes from  LIBRE COMME L’AIR is like a ray of sunshine that will brighten your whole day! The simplest of your outfits will be highlighted and you will feel confident and  beautiful. As an example, try a pair of platform shoes shoes the FIYA Nicar which transforms your  mythical little black dress into something exquisite.

Choose a pair of shoes from LIBRE COMME L’AIR and it reveals a woman who claims her personality and highlights her creativity. You will not have to  fear ending up with same shoes that come out of the classic store. (which brings the risk of seeing them on your best friend’s foot!) That is why our collections are distributed by many independent retailers who will advise you on your choice of model to suit your style and also of your foot. The fantasy of our creations do not neglect comfort, it is one of our priorities.

Thanks to its printed leathers LIBRE COMME L’AIR  revisits classic cuts by diverting them from their original style. Inspiration is always present in this story of  a small designer brand that weathers all the seasons. Come  and discover , you too will fall in love with LIBRE COMME L’AIR and the craziness of a team that is not afraid to take on challenges.