The originality LIBRE COMME L’AIR mission possible for unique shoes. 

If you like the shoes that are both original and elegant, you will not fail to appreciate the collections of the brand LIBRE COMME L’AIR.Since birth this brand of French creator us away from more conventional fashion codes she shameless charm with our wisest clothes, the possibilities are endless and the results always at the rendezvous. The originality is the basis of creation and the leitmotif of our collections « to tempt must be a surprise. » A style confirmed by the choice of models, the combination of materials, the design of heels, the shape we want to give the shoe: pointed, round, asymmetrical …

A style which is developping constantly.

The DNA of the brand feeds over the following collections inspirations, desires of the moment. Everything is a source of creativity, trends of the last fashion week, maps colors used in decoration, not forgetting our range of great painters. The summer collection sets the tone under the influence of Fauvism warm colors are dominant, floral prints very marked, the sweetness of style is brought by Liberty and metallic leather. The originality of the winter season is deaf, the leather is hammered, embossed, aged, weathered, well printed Nicar that is found from season to season. This fancy leather is the thread and the picture of the identity of LIBRE COMME L’AIR. Easy going this collection is very feminine seduction in all, it is for active women well in their time who want to have fun, to stand out without much eccentricity. Caution risk of addiction to the originality of a brand created in France, manufactured in Portugal.

LIBRE COMME L’AIR! The originality toe to toe